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Studio Shu, Inc.


A place of Art, Skill and Magic – The name Studio Shu comes from the basic meanings of the words Studio and Shu.  The word ‘Studio’ is meant to be taken from the word Studio of Renaissance times, namely, a place for work and learning that happen simultaneously.  We work by learning and we learn by working!  ‘Shu’ is a Taoist symbol that means Art, Skill and Magic – a continuous flow of growth and harvest through skill and attention.

We have developed Studio Shu’s process for kids (age 6+) and adults to experience and explore their natural abilities to create. Studio Shu provides all art-making materials and highly trained art teachers for guidance. We encourage students to express themselves without focus on the end product or external ‘critic,’ which so easily comes into our internal discussions, as we grow older!

Studio Shu believes that there is an artsy kid in each of us and provides a creative experience to explore a natural, artistic process & have fun doing it!  We stimulate creativity and by using tempera paints, markers, crayons, pastels and crafty-decorative items, we get away from product as an end result & let the artsy play begin!  Our creative process is devoid of external judgment or focus on the artistic outcome.  We, instead, focus support and guidance to students so they can create from the intuitive place we all have inside of us. Through authentic creative expression, we build our own artistic skill sets, as well as self-esteem, by listening to what wants to come next and allowing it to appear! Without concern about the end product, we begin to feel free to paint or draw, explore and create from our essence!