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Posted on Aug 6, 2013 in PRINT / OUTDOOR / GUERILLA, PROJECT MANAGEMENT – San Diego Union Tribune’s digital site for their Vertical Markets: Autos, Homes, Entertainment, Careers, & News.

Marketing Situation: SOSD struggled to position itself as a legitimate San Diego resource amongst fierce national competition with multi-million dollar budgets.

NYCA’s grow! Idea:  The local expert – establish SOSD as a specialist versus generalist web site.


The advertising campaigns resulted in dramatic growth in page views:

  • Autos                          +140%
  • Homes                        +106%
  • Entertainment           +51%
  • Careers                      +42%
  • News                          +8%

Unique visitors to the promoted sections also increased:

  • Autos                          +159%
  • Homes                        +45%
  • News                          +45%
  • Entertainment           +41%
  • Careers                      +17%

SOSD has became the #1 local San Diego web site: SOSD drew about 32.1% of San Diego adults Early 2005.  In comparison, 29.8% of local adults visited Yahoo.

Nationally, SOSD is the #2 newspaper site in the country; second only to

Campaign Elements:  Radio, TV, Print, In-Theater, Online, Guerilla Marketing